XR650R Billet Parts

ROX Risers on the Honda XR650R


The stock Honda XR650R handlebars are mounted fairly low and are also toed in slightly. Most riders of average or tall heights will be more comfortable with the handlebars raised. There are all sorts of ways to accomplish this, through blocks, new triple trees or bar mounts, taller bars, and also, by using the pivoting handlebar risers manufactured by ROX. They are a billet aluminum piece that allow the bars to be boosted up as well as rotated forward slightly.

For most tall riders this will be just enough of a change to make all the difference, especially when standing.

ROX Handlebar Risers

Here is a set mounted on the BRP (along with some standard aluminum riser blocks).

Honda XR650R Rox Handlebar Risers

XR650R Case Saver – Chain Protection – Several Options


It’s a good idea to run a case saver on any bike, but especially a powerful off-road bike like the XR650R. There are several case savers available for the BRP.

This is the stock unit that came with the bike. For most purposes it is of decent quality and effectiveness, but aftermarket units are much stronger.

Scott Summers Racing makes one. It is of good quality, but I have read a story or two about them snapping during a high speed chain brake. Honestly though – sometimes there is just bad luck involved. These seem to be a quality unit. It should be noted that this unit will not allow you to run a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket without a little trimming.

Kiwi Sports in New Zealand makes this larger unit. At first glance it appears to offer great protection. However, it has been said that it is the poorest choice of all. The Kiwi Sports unit mounts to a smaller

XR’s Only Makes a couple different units. These are widely regarded as the most stout unit because they use a spacer to attach the guard to a larger case bolt rather than the smaller bolt most other units attach to. They make both a 14 tooth version and a 15 tooth version.

Shark Fins for XR650R


There are a handful of shark fins made for the XR650R. My favorite of the lot is the heavy duty ‘Ultimate’ unit made by XR’s Only. It is a shark fine, axle spacer, and caliper mount all in one. It is a VERY solid unit and the strongest you’re likely to find.

Aftermarket Triple Clamps for the XR650R


There are lots of great aftermarket triple tree clamp setups for the XR650R.

BRP Moto makes a pretty tidy triple tree top clamp and bar mount for around $220.

Personally I run a RSW Racing unit and it is holding up quite nice. it is a cheaper option and can be purchased with tall bar clamps for taller riders for around $140.

The one downside of the RSW is (to me) the bar clamps seem very thin. They are not very thick, the base where they sit on the upper clamp is small, and the clamp bolts really don’t have a whole lot of ‘meat’ to bite into. I worry in a hard crash the clamps will snap somewhere – so far no probs. I would feel more comfortable if they were beefy.

The third option is the clamp made by Scotts Performance. it is the most expensive unit.

An Australian outfit named MSC also makes a top clamp. I have no specific details on them other than they look like a great unit.

It should be noted that ALL the above clamps are designed to work with steering dampers, even the RSW Racing clamp.

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