XR650R Helpful Diagrams

Honda XR650R Wiring Diagram (U-Type)


Here is a factory wiring diagram for the Honda XR650R. It is specifically from a 2000 model, but they were mostly the same. Please not that this is only a U-Type XR650R which was the street legal model available in Australia and select other parts of the globe.

Honda XR650R-U- Wiring Diagram

Clutch and Throttle Cable Routing


When replacing cables or working on the bike in general the cables tend to get twisted up and routed where they don’t belong. Here are some diagrams showing the factory recommended cable routing for the throttle cables, clutch cables, decompression cables, and other wires.

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Front

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Side

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Rear

Oil Flow of the XR650R


The Honda XR650R is a dry sump motor just like all the other Honda XR’s. The majority of oil is stored in the oil tank above the motor. By having the oil tank high up it means that the oil pressure pump will always have a good stream of oil from which to pull. Oil is pulled (so to speak) by the pressure pump down through the oil strainer on the front of the frame. Oil is circulated through the top end of the motor, across the crank, and into the transmission. It is then sucked up out of the sump through a screen by the scavenging pump and pushed back up into the tank in the frame through the plumbing on the right side of the frame. It’s a very simple system which is reliable and simple to monitor.

Honda XR650R lubrication system and oil flow

XR650R Factory Recommended Uncorking Procedure


Shortly after the Honda XR650R was released Honda published this short article for it’s dealer technicians. It outlines the parts needed for the ‘uncork’ and a brief synopsis of what’s involved. To get the complete parts list you can go to the uncorking procedure page here on this site.

Maintenance and Service Interval Schedule


It’s a little small but is readable if you squint a bit. These are the intervals recommended by Honda that you service your XR650R.

XR650R Engine Oiling and Lubrication System Diagram


I love seeing these types of diagrams. This is most likely photo copied out of the Honda factory service manual, but I’m not sure the exact source.

HRC Power Up Kit Part Numbers


Here is a list of all the parts included in the HRC power up kit for the XR650R and their part numbers. Most of this is unavailable these days.

Here is a photo of the HRC Kit:

HRC Exhaust Dimensions Diagram


The HRC exhausts are hard to come by these days, but if you’re looking to duplicate the results look no further.

XR650R Carburetor Exploded View Diagram


Not sure where a piece in your carb goes? You can also have a look at the parts fiche if you are looking for Honda part numbers: http://www.honda-xr650r.com/honda-xr650r-carburetor-–-parts-fiche/

Honda XR650R Motor Illustration – Cutaway View


I love illustrations like this. What a hansom motor!

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