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Honda XR650R Parts, Service, and Repair | XR650R Performance Upgrades

XR650R Performance Upgrades

Akrapovic Exhaust for XR650R


Akrapovic exhausts are extremely well made and highly regarded exhaust systems. Their performance and sound on the Honda XR650R are both excellent. They are quality made and well supported. The price however is about double any other exhaust system on the market. They are extremely expensive.

Honda XR650R Akrapovic Exhaust

Swapping the KX500 Radiator Cap onto the XR650R


Many owners will swap the 1.1 Bar rated radiator cap that comes stock on the XR650R for an aftermarket unit. The goal is the prevent the radiators from boiling over as easily. It’s a somewhat debated topic in that using a higher pressure cap will increase the strain throughout the entire system. Most have positive experiences with switching radiator caps. Personally, I prefer to keep mine stock.

The 1992-1996 Kawasaki KX500 Radiator cap is 1.8 Bar and can be swapped directly onto the XR650R. The Kawasaki part number is: 49085-1059

There is also a SRC 1.6 Radiator Cap for the XR650R available new. As well as a Stant Manufacturing Radiator cap for the XR650R.

Swapping an XR400R CDI into the XR650R


The CDI from a 1996-1997 XR400R can be fitted to the XR650R. The XR400R CDI is known to produce a noticeable difference in higher revs on the XR650R. It is said to run cleaner and peak slightly higher. It does this by advancing the timing a few degrees and extending the rev limiter. (Part number 2650, NOT part number 2740).

The CDI is made by Denso and the Denso part number is 070000-2650.

The CDI can also be purchased through Honda with the Honda Part number 30410-KCY-671 or 30410-KCY-761.

The female pigtail connector on a Honda XR650R CDI looks like this:

ONLY the 1996-1997 XR400 CDI will work. Other models are incorrect.

There is also a Big Gun CDI for the XR650R. As well as a Procom CDI for the XR650R.

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