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Honda XR650R Parts, Service, and Repair | XR650R Extras

XR650R Extras

XR650R Decompression Mechanism


The decompression mechanism on the XR650R is very simple. There is a half round shaft with a decreasing/increasing radius which rests under one of the exhaust rocker arms. When the lever on the handlebars is pulled the shaft rotates and pushes on the rocker arm thus opening the exhaust valve so the motor is easy to kick over and clear out if flooded.

Honda XR650 Decompression Mechanism

Great Honda XR650R Videos


There a LOTS and LOTS of great XR650R videos out there on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. I’ll try to post a bunch of them here. If you have a recommendation just add it to the comments and I’ll put it on the page.

Lots more to come….

XR650R Titanium Bolt Kit for Weight Savings


There isn’t much of a point in my opinion in dropping a couple grand into an XR650R to save a pound on bolts – but if you’d like to – you can get all the bolts from mettec.com. Here is what you’ll need:

2002 XR650R 4/13/2009
T4HFM6-10X10 1 Upper Brake Cable Mount $12.39
T4HFM6-10X12 2 Speedometer Bracket $12.66
T4HFM6-10X15 2 Brake Line Mount $12.93
M6AH-1 4 Rotor Bolts $9.84
T4HFM6-10X20 9 Lower Brake Line Cable, Brake And $13.20
Clutch Lever Mounts, Front Fender
NUTHFM6-10 1 Lower Brake Line Cable $7.48
FWM6-22 4 Front Fender $1.99
NUTHFM6-10 4 Axle Pinch Nuts $7.48
T4HFM8-12X30 2 Brake Caliper Mounts $15.66
T4HFM8-12X35 4 Handle Bar Mounts $16.19
T4HFM8-12X40 8 Upper And Lower Tripple Clamps $16.30
RETAIL $493.57

T4HFM6-10X10 1 Line Holder On The Goose Neck $12.39
BUTM6-10X10 4 Plastic To Gas Tank $11.07
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Plastic To Radiator, Left Foot Peg $12.93
M6X15MMTSHCS 2 Coil Mount Bolts $3.84
BUTM610X15SH 7 Radiator Burp Tank, Skid Plate, Rear $15.97
Brake Master Cylinder
T4HFM6-10X25 4 Radiator Mounts To Frame $13.47
FWM6-22 2 Radiator Mounts To Frame $1.99
T4HFM6-10X40 2 Gas Tank To Engine Mount Brackets $14.29
FWM6-22 2 Gas Tank To Engine Mount Brackets $1.99
BUTM8-12X25 2 Top And Rear Kickstand Bolts $15.82
T4HFM8-12X40 2 Rear Engine Mount Bracket To Frame $16.30
T4HFM8-12X60 2 Upper Engine Mount Brackets $17.67
NUTHFM8-12 2 Engine Mount Brackets $7.50
T4HFM8-12X70 2 Engine Mount Brackets $18.27
T4HFM812X115 2 Lower Engine Mount Brackets $23.66
NUTHFM8-12 2 Engine Mount Brackets (Lower) $7.50
T4HFM1012X35 1 Bottom Kick Stand Bolt $19.99
T4HFM1012X45 2 Foot Peg Brackets $21.36
T4HFM1012X75 1 Top Engine Mount $25.46
NUTHFM10-12 3 Engine Mount Nuts $15.51
T4HFM1012115 2 Lower And Middle Engine Mounts $30.14
T4HFM1012120 1 Rear Engine Mount Bolt $30.30
NUTHFM10-12 1 Rear Engine Mount Nut $15.51
RETAIL $759.58

M6-1.00 x 20 HF shoul 1 Plastic To Subframe ?
T4HFM8-12X15 1 Seat Bolt $15.06
M8-1.25 x 20 HF shoul 1 Seat Bolt ?
T4HFM8-12X25 1 Silencer To Subframe $15.60
M8-1.25 x 25 SH 1 Exhaust And Brake Hose Holder ?
T4HFM8-12X35 1 Chain Slide Left Side $16.19
NUTHFM8-12 1 Chain Roller To Subframe $7.50
T4HFM8-12X35 1 Main Frame To SubFrame $16.19
T4HFM8-12X45 1 Chain Roller To Subframe $16.77
RETAIL $87.31
M6X8MMTSHCS 2 Chain Slide $3.66
M6X10MMTSHCS 2 Rear Brake Line Bracket $3.73
T4HFM6-10X10 2 Rear Brake Caliper Cover $12.39
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Chain Block $12.93
T4HFM6-10X20 5 Rear Brake Rotor $13.20
FHM8-12X28 6 Sprockets Bolts $16.54
TLNUTM8-12 6 Sprocket Nuts $2.78
ADJM8-12X55 2 Adjuster Bolts $13.83
NUTHFM8-12 2 Adjuster Bolts $7.50
TEEM1012X44 1 Bottom Shock Bolt $22.09
TEEM1012X53 1 Top Shock Bolt $23.06
T6M12-12X81F 1 Link Bolt $15.18
M12-1.50 x 100 HF 1 Link Bolt (Needs At Least 16 mm Thred ?
M12-1.50 x 110 HF 1 Link Bolt ?
RETAIL $363.26

Now go on a Diet you BRP riders.
T4HFM6-10X10 3 Cylinder, Exhaust Thermal Guard $12.39
T4HFM6-10X12 2 Counter Sprocket $12.66
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Counter Sprocket, Side Case $12.93
T4HFM6-10X20 10 Water To Head, Side Case Cover, Valve $13.20
T4HFM6-10X25 12 Cylinder, Side Covers, Engine Case, $13.47
Side Case Covers
T4HFM6-10X30 4 Engine Case $13.74
T4HFM6-10X35 2 Side Case Covers $14.01
T4HFM6-10X40 9 Engine Case $14.29
T4HFM6-10X50 4 Engine Case, Side Case $14.83
T4HFM6-10X60 3 Side Case Covers $15.66
T4HFM6-10X85 1 Side Case Covers $16.02
T4HFM8-12X20 1 Muffler To Subframe $15.46
T4HFM8-12X40 1 Exhaust Collector Clamp $16.30
NUTHFM8-12 4 Exhaust Pipe Outs $7.50
T4HFM8-12X45 1 Exhaust Pipe To Muffler $16.77
RETAIL $807.36
RETAIL $2,511.08
DEALER $1,758.89

Losing Weight: Put the XR650R on a Diet


The United States XR650R bikes came from the factory weighing 288 pounds with all fluids but no gas. The Australian XR650R bikes weigh 300 pounds from the factory.

If you’re anal about the weight of your bike there are lots of places to trim a little fat off the BRP.

Here are a few ideas – this list is very incomplete.

  • Remove the coolant overflow bottle
  • Remove thermostat
  • Remove odometer / cable / drive unit
  • Install a CRF USD Front End Swap (discussed elsewhere on this site)
  • Replace the stock exhaust with aftermarket
  • Use lots of Titanium!

The lightest XR650R I’ve heard of is a measured 275 pounds. Pretty freakin’ light!

Upgraded Fuel Petcock by Clarke


The stock petcocks on the XR650R gas tanks are decent and work fine. But if you’re one of those guys who wants to upgrade everything possible you may want to check out the billet petcocks and filters produced by Clarke. The should mount right up to all the tanks for the BRP. Pretty slick.

Simple XR650R Cooling Fan Install


The XR650R cooling system is quite adequate in most situations. However, in hot climates when riding slow steep trails, or being stuck in traffic, the BRP can get too hot and overheat. Many will try to band-aid the situation with a high pressure radiator cap (which can be read more about elsewhere on this site). But the best fix is to install a fan on the radiator attached to either a temperature controlled switch, or a manual switch on the handlebars.

A cheap route to go is using a SPAL 4″ Paddle Blade Fan built for a 12v system. This will of course require your bike to be producing 12v, so a regulator is needed, and ideally a small battery. This upgrade is optimal for bikes already dual sported. It can however be achieved with just a regulator and small capacitor.

The above mentioned fan is part number VA32-A101-62A and is similar to the fans found on a stock KTM 4 banger. The KTM fan can be used as well, but it is more expensive.

KTM Fan from all their RFS motors looks like this:

KTM Fan Installed:

With a little bending and trimming the SPAL fan can be mounted to the existing tabs on the right radiator of the XR650, then a simple handlebar switch can be installed. The fan doesn’t use much power 124 cfm @ 1.9amps but I always run a 3 amp switch to things just to but super safe. The mounting holes are 3.23″ apart, and the fan thickness is 2.36″. It can be found from vendors on eBay, or through industrial supply companies.

It can also be installed a little more gracefully with a custom bracket made up.

The fans have been confirmed to fit with the Stock gas tank, the Acerbis 6.3 gallon tank, and the IMS 4 gallon tanks. It does NOT fit with the Clarke 4.3 tank.

There are of course other fans of similar size that can work. CMP Racing out of Michigan carries a fan of similar size – though I do not have specific details on it. Looks like this:


4Strokes .com did a Cooling fan writeup a while back that included dimensions for building a mounting plate for the fan. Here is the PDF: Honda_XR650R_Cooling_Fan_Install_With_Custom_Frame

Fitting a 140 Width Tire on the XR650R


Most owners will run a 120 or 130 width tire on their XR650R. However, some 140’s will clear the swingarm without issue.
This is a side by side comparison of a 150, 140, and 120 width tire (respectively).

Here are a few 140 width tires that have been confirmed to fit the XR650R.

Dunlop D908RR Dual Sport Tire

IRC M5B Motocross Tire

Good Bulb for the Stock Headlight


The A3603 bulb is a dual filament bulb that will fit in the stock headlight assembly and will prevent you from buying a bulb from Honda.

The XR650R Naked Photos


I assume these photos were originally provided by the factory to magazine reviewers, but I don’t know for sure. In any case, here are some naked photos of the XR650R frame and motor. What a sexy beast!

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