XR650R Notes

Clutch and Throttle Cable Routing


When replacing cables or working on the bike in general the cables tend to get twisted up and routed where they don’t belong. Here are some diagrams showing the factory recommended cable routing for the throttle cables, clutch cables, decompression cables, and other wires.

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Front

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Side

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Rear

Choosing the Best Gear Ratio


Everyone will have to choose the gearing on their XR650R that works best for them and their riding locations, conditions, and style. Here are the final gear ratios produced by each sprocket combination to help you decide what to try next.

Front Sprocket / Rear Sprocket | Gear Ratio

13/46 | 3.538:1
14/46 | 3.285:1
15/46 | 3.06:1
16/46 | 2.875:1

13/47 | 3.615:1
14/47 | 3.357:1
15/47 | 3.133:1 (popular for distance riding, lower RPMs/better mileage)
16/47 | 2.937:1

13/48 | 3.692:1
14/48 | 3.428:1 (Stock gearing)
15/48 | 3.2:1 (popular all around choice)

Rear Axle Nut is 27mm


There are constant questions about the size of this nut. If you can’t break out a pair of calipers, well, here it is. It’s 27mm.

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