XR650R Stock Parts

Replacing Stock Handguards on the XR650R


Most people with an XR650R will at some point replace the stock handguards and put on something more robust, like bark busters. When this is done the bolts and rubbers which attach the stock handguards to the perches will be slightly too long. They will function fine as is, but some people will want to replace those parts with something slightly shorter so there is no play in the parts and they fit together as if it was designed that way originally. The following Honda Parts will allow you to do this job.
1. Brake Lever Bolt – part #90114-166-006

2. Brake Lever Boot – part #53176-ML3-791

3. Clutch Lever Bolt – part #90114-428-870

4. Clutch Lever Boot – part #53177-430-000

You’ll also need on nut for each bolt.

Australian Factory Speedometer


In Australia the XR650R came with a speedometer and odometer right from the factory. It’s a simple unit similar to the ones which came on older model XR’s. This is it:

Honda XR650R Australian Speedometer Odometer

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