XR650R Case Saver – Chain Protection – Several Options


It’s a good idea to run a case saver on any bike, but especially a powerful off-road bike like the XR650R. There are several case savers available for the BRP.

This is the stock unit that came with the bike. For most purposes it is of decent quality and effectiveness, but aftermarket units are much stronger.

Scott Summers Racing makes one. It is of good quality, but I have read a story or two about them snapping during a high speed chain brake. Honestly though – sometimes there is just bad luck involved. These seem to be a quality unit. It should be noted that this unit will not allow you to run a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket without a little trimming.

Kiwi Sports in New Zealand makes this larger unit. At first glance it appears to offer great protection. However, it has been said that it is the poorest choice of all. The Kiwi Sports unit mounts to a smaller

XR’s Only Makes a couple different units. These are widely regarded as the most stout unit because they use a spacer to attach the guard to a larger case bolt rather than the smaller bolt most other units attach to. They make both a 14 tooth version and a 15 tooth version.

XR650R Lower Chain Roller Guide


One fiddly bit of the XR650R is that the lower chain roller is not easy to remove and replace. If you are attempting to do it and having trouble – you’ll want to remove the swingarm. While your at it grease up the swing arm pivot and bolt real well, it needs it!

XR650R Frame Guards


Works Connection once made frame guards for the XR650R but discontinued them after a while.  They pop up used once in a while if you keep your eyes opened. They looked like this:

The only manufacturer still making a quality frame guard is BB Aluminum. They look like this:

They also manufacture some very high quality skid plates, chain guards, muffler inserts, and speedo eliminator kits.

If you live in the United Kingdom the BB Aluminum products can be purchased through Demon MX –¬†they are the UK importer.

Additionally, guards can be made easily at home by cutting thing aluminum or chrome diamond plate – then affixing it to the frame either through a couple small bolts (drill and tap holes) or with some 3M double sided tape or glue.

XR650R Titanium Rear Shock Spring


There might be more – but as far as I know Percision Concepts is the only manufacturer of a Titanium spring for the XR650R rear shock. They’ll run you about $250. They only sell one size, a 9.x weight that is proper for a rider about 200 pounds.

XR650R Titanium Bolt Kit for Weight Savings


There isn’t much of a point in my opinion in dropping a couple grand into an XR650R to save a pound on bolts – but if you’d like to – you can get all the bolts from mettec.com. Here is what you’ll need:

2002 XR650R 4/13/2009
T4HFM6-10X10 1 Upper Brake Cable Mount $12.39
T4HFM6-10X12 2 Speedometer Bracket $12.66
T4HFM6-10X15 2 Brake Line Mount $12.93
M6AH-1 4 Rotor Bolts $9.84
T4HFM6-10X20 9 Lower Brake Line Cable, Brake And $13.20
Clutch Lever Mounts, Front Fender
NUTHFM6-10 1 Lower Brake Line Cable $7.48
FWM6-22 4 Front Fender $1.99
NUTHFM6-10 4 Axle Pinch Nuts $7.48
T4HFM8-12X30 2 Brake Caliper Mounts $15.66
T4HFM8-12X35 4 Handle Bar Mounts $16.19
T4HFM8-12X40 8 Upper And Lower Tripple Clamps $16.30
RETAIL $493.57

T4HFM6-10X10 1 Line Holder On The Goose Neck $12.39
BUTM6-10X10 4 Plastic To Gas Tank $11.07
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Plastic To Radiator, Left Foot Peg $12.93
M6X15MMTSHCS 2 Coil Mount Bolts $3.84
BUTM610X15SH 7 Radiator Burp Tank, Skid Plate, Rear $15.97
Brake Master Cylinder
T4HFM6-10X25 4 Radiator Mounts To Frame $13.47
FWM6-22 2 Radiator Mounts To Frame $1.99
T4HFM6-10X40 2 Gas Tank To Engine Mount Brackets $14.29
FWM6-22 2 Gas Tank To Engine Mount Brackets $1.99
BUTM8-12X25 2 Top And Rear Kickstand Bolts $15.82
T4HFM8-12X40 2 Rear Engine Mount Bracket To Frame $16.30
T4HFM8-12X60 2 Upper Engine Mount Brackets $17.67
NUTHFM8-12 2 Engine Mount Brackets $7.50
T4HFM8-12X70 2 Engine Mount Brackets $18.27
T4HFM812X115 2 Lower Engine Mount Brackets $23.66
NUTHFM8-12 2 Engine Mount Brackets (Lower) $7.50
T4HFM1012X35 1 Bottom Kick Stand Bolt $19.99
T4HFM1012X45 2 Foot Peg Brackets $21.36
T4HFM1012X75 1 Top Engine Mount $25.46
NUTHFM10-12 3 Engine Mount Nuts $15.51
T4HFM1012115 2 Lower And Middle Engine Mounts $30.14
T4HFM1012120 1 Rear Engine Mount Bolt $30.30
NUTHFM10-12 1 Rear Engine Mount Nut $15.51
RETAIL $759.58

M6-1.00 x 20 HF shoul 1 Plastic To Subframe ?
T4HFM8-12X15 1 Seat Bolt $15.06
M8-1.25 x 20 HF shoul 1 Seat Bolt ?
T4HFM8-12X25 1 Silencer To Subframe $15.60
M8-1.25 x 25 SH 1 Exhaust And Brake Hose Holder ?
T4HFM8-12X35 1 Chain Slide Left Side $16.19
NUTHFM8-12 1 Chain Roller To Subframe $7.50
T4HFM8-12X35 1 Main Frame To SubFrame $16.19
T4HFM8-12X45 1 Chain Roller To Subframe $16.77
RETAIL $87.31
M6X8MMTSHCS 2 Chain Slide $3.66
M6X10MMTSHCS 2 Rear Brake Line Bracket $3.73
T4HFM6-10X10 2 Rear Brake Caliper Cover $12.39
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Chain Block $12.93
T4HFM6-10X20 5 Rear Brake Rotor $13.20
FHM8-12X28 6 Sprockets Bolts $16.54
TLNUTM8-12 6 Sprocket Nuts $2.78
ADJM8-12X55 2 Adjuster Bolts $13.83
NUTHFM8-12 2 Adjuster Bolts $7.50
TEEM1012X44 1 Bottom Shock Bolt $22.09
TEEM1012X53 1 Top Shock Bolt $23.06
T6M12-12X81F 1 Link Bolt $15.18
M12-1.50 x 100 HF 1 Link Bolt (Needs At Least 16 mm Thred ?
M12-1.50 x 110 HF 1 Link Bolt ?
RETAIL $363.26

Now go on a Diet you BRP riders.
T4HFM6-10X10 3 Cylinder, Exhaust Thermal Guard $12.39
T4HFM6-10X12 2 Counter Sprocket $12.66
T4HFM6-10X15 3 Counter Sprocket, Side Case $12.93
T4HFM6-10X20 10 Water To Head, Side Case Cover, Valve $13.20
T4HFM6-10X25 12 Cylinder, Side Covers, Engine Case, $13.47
Side Case Covers
T4HFM6-10X30 4 Engine Case $13.74
T4HFM6-10X35 2 Side Case Covers $14.01
T4HFM6-10X40 9 Engine Case $14.29
T4HFM6-10X50 4 Engine Case, Side Case $14.83
T4HFM6-10X60 3 Side Case Covers $15.66
T4HFM6-10X85 1 Side Case Covers $16.02
T4HFM8-12X20 1 Muffler To Subframe $15.46
T4HFM8-12X40 1 Exhaust Collector Clamp $16.30
NUTHFM8-12 4 Exhaust Pipe Outs $7.50
T4HFM8-12X45 1 Exhaust Pipe To Muffler $16.77
RETAIL $807.36
RETAIL $2,511.08
DEALER $1,758.89

Sweet XR650R with Acerbis and Dirtbagz


This bike is setup extremely nicely for some distance riding. I Like it! A lot.

Nice XR650R Sporting some Wolfman Accents


Nicely equip Honda XR650R with Wolfman tank bag and saddle skin.

Upgrading the XR650R Seat


A comfortable saddle is important for covering some serious miles.

The stock XR650R seat is a bit thin and tough on the rear.

If you aren’t up to putting on your own foam and cover you have a few options.

SDG Seats makes a quality product with a tough black cover and can be purchased in a ‘tall’ version. The width is similar to that of the stock bike.

If you demand a high end quality seat Renazco will built you a custom unit. They’ll fit it to your specifications and even use your choice of materials and colors. I’ve never heard one bad thing about Renazco seats, only rave reviews.

Renazco example:

Clever Storage for Extra XR650R Brake and Clutch Levers


If you run a Utah Sports skid plate you can zip tie your spare levers to it. Great idea!

Real Flashy XR650R – Pimptastic


This bike isn’t really my style – but the owner has certainly put in LOTS of effort.

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