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Honda XR650R Parts, Service, and Repair | Clean the XR650R Carb

Clean the XR650R Carb

Periodically any dirtbike will need it’s carburetor cleaned. Especially a bike which has been sitting unused for a while or improperly stored through the winter months.

This article is not meant to help diagnosing running issues, that is covered elsewhere. This page is only here to provide advice on cleaning the XR650R carburetor (factory or otherwise).

  • Start by removing the seat and gas tank to give access to the carburetor.


  • Loosen the clamps on the intake manifold and airbox boot.
  • Wiggle the carb out from the boots and pull it into the open.
  • Disconnect the throttle cables

XR650R Stock Carb Diagram


More to come here once I have the necessary photos. I wrote a very comprehensive article about how to clean a motorcycle carburetor on my restoration blog. It will be helpful if you’ve never touched a carb before.

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