XR650R Service Manual

I offer the Honda XR650R service manual as a free download in PDF format. All I ask is that you provide me with your name and email address so I can keep track of who has downloaded it. The download link will automatically be emailed to you when you hit the ‘submit’ button below.

The file is 147MB so please be patient during the download.


  • Joy Sheets (8 years)

    Tom Gibson and I both tried to download this manual and both attempts failed. We need to know how to get access to it again and if there is a trick to saving it. Thanks.


  • Evan (8 years)

    Hi Joy – Lots and lots of people have been downloading it successfully. Sometimes the emails end up in people’s spam boxes, so you might check there. Also, the email link is only valid for 1 download. So if you click the link and don’t download the manual you’ll have to submit again. Please use the contact form and let me know if you still have a problem.



  • Mark Hammond (7 years)

    Honda XR650R service manual as a free download in PDF format

    Thank you


  • Arend Bakker (7 years)

    Thanks Evan, now i can repear my bike and put it together the right way.

    Regards, Arend from the Nederlands.


  • Paul (6 years)

    Cheers Evan.

    The download was successful.

    You have some great info on your site.




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