There are lots of great aftermarket triple tree clamp setups for the XR650R.

BRP Moto makes a pretty tidy triple tree top clamp and bar mount for around $220.

Personally I run a RSW Racing unit and it is holding up quite nice. it is a cheaper option and can be purchased with tall bar clamps for taller riders for around $140.

The one downside of the RSW is (to me) the bar clamps seem very thin. They are not very thick, the base where they sit on the upper clamp is small, and the clamp bolts really don’t have a whole lot of ‘meat’ to bite into. I worry in a hard crash the clamps will snap somewhere – so far no probs. I would feel more comfortable if they were beefy.

The third option is the clamp made by Scotts Performance. it is the most expensive unit.

An Australian outfit named MSC also makes a top clamp. I have no specific details on them other than they look like a great unit.

It should be noted that ALL the above clamps are designed to work with steering dampers, even the RSW Racing clamp.