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Differences Between Years


The Honda XR650R was produced for seven years. There are virtually no mechanical differences between these years of production. The only significant mechanical change during that time was:

In late 2001 the clutch bushing was updated with venting holes and a thin galley way to improve oil flow and prevent binding and sticking, particular when the bike has been left sitting. This is a very minor change and is a very simple and cheap fix if you happen to have one of the early models.

The original bushing part number was #22116-MBN-670

The replacement bushing is part number #22116-MBN-671

If this part hasn’t been replaced on your bike it is a good idea to do it before it fails. Failure of the bushing under stressful conditions can damage both the clutch basket and the shaft, so better safe than sorry.

The only other changes to the bike over those years were to aesthetics. The seat cover and tank graphics changed a couple times during production of the bike, but of course that has no effect on performance.

Clutch Bushing Inspection


From time to time it’s a good idea to inspect your clutch bushing for wear. Wear can create slop in the clutch and over time significant damage to the basket. These parts aren’t known to wear at any accelerated rate, but next time you replace your clutch plates make a point to pull off the basket and have a look. This is what you’ll see when you remove the XR650R clutch basket.

Follow the directions in the service manual available on this site.

Rekluse and Revloc Auto Clutches


Coming soon.

Honda XR650R Right Crankcase Cover or Clutch Cover – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Right Crankcase Cover or Clutch Cover.

Honda XR650R Throttle and Clutch Lever Assemblies – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Throttle and Clutch Lever Assemblies.

Honda XR650R Clutch – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Clutch.

Adjust the XR650R Clutch


Clutch adjustments on the XR650R are simple to make. The clutch can be adjusted both at the perch on the handlebars and at the arm on the left side of the engine.

The factory recommends between 10 and 20 millimeters of free play on the lever before the clutch begins to be engaged.

XR650R Clutch Adjustment

Minor adjustments can be made at on the perch:

  • Pull back the rubber dust cover to expose the clutch cable adjuster
  • Loosen the locknut with your fingers
  • Spin the clutch cable receiver further into or further out-of the clutch lever until the correct amount of play is in the lever
  • Tighten the lock nut

If more significant adjustments need to be made, or if you have just replaced the clutch cable or any related assembly, you can adjust the cable on the left side of the engine.

XR650R Clutch Adjustment Lower

  • Loosen the locknut with a 12 open end wrench
  • Adjust the cable forward or backward using the adjuster until the desired amount of play is found
  • Tighten the locknut

There isn’t much more too it than that.

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