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Right Side Footpeg Replacement Post


There are other posts on this site about the weakness of the right side peg bolts and post. Animal house sells modified posts which are much stronger and wrap around the frame. Baja Designs also offers a similar kit but may have discontinued it.

Animal House Designs Peg Replacement Post

Right Footpeg Snapping Issue


The bolts holding the right footpeg to the frame are known to stretch on the XR650R. If they stretch too much they snap. These bolts should DEFINITELY be replaced with grade 8 hardened bolts. Do yourself a favor and replace them before your peg snaps off and you end up in the hospital. There are strengthened peg perches available from various suppliers that improve the mounting strength. Do a search on this site and you’ll find more information on the footpeg issue.

Honda XR650R Right Footpeg Stretched Bolt

Honda XR650R Right Footpeg Stretched Bolt 2

Honda XR650R Footpegs – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Footpegs.

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