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Sweet XR650R with Acerbis and Dirtbagz


This bike is setup extremely nicely for some distance riding. I Like it! A lot.

Nice XR650R Sporting some Wolfman Accents


Nicely equip Honda XR650R with Wolfman tank bag and saddle skin.

Real Flashy XR650R – Pimptastic


This bike isn’t really my style – but the owner has certainly put in LOTS of effort.

Nice XR650R with Great Light Setup


This is a fantastic looking bike with a fresh Clark fuel tank and a couple Trail-Tech headlights. A 8″ racing light and a 3″ HID unit.

XR650R with all the Essential Upgrades


Another nice solid XR650R with all the standard upgrades. Looking good!

XR650R Ready to Go the Distance


This bike is owned by FOCKER I believe. Very well modded. The tug strap behind the seat is a fantastic upgrade in my opinion.

Polished XR650R With Nice Excel Rims


I love the black wheels on BRP’s, they always look killer. I don’t know how you’re supposed to keep a bike this clean though.

Nice Honda XR650R 1 – Well Modded


I love the look of this XR650R.

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