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Changing XR650R Stock Fork Oil


There probably aren’t too many XR650R’s running around with their stock fork oil anymore. But, if your bike still is, you should change it. The XR650R oil was known to be low quality from the factory and in some cases as been shown to cause corrosion and rust on internal components.

If you still have the stock fork fluid – drain it – flush it – replace it!

XR650R Rear Shock Spring Rate


The stock shock spring on the Honda XR650R is rated at 9.3. Many riders will up the spring rate to 10 or 11 – but you should consult a suspension specialist to find the best spring rate for your weight and riding style.

Note sag is usually set at 100mm-110mm unladen depending on preferences.

Stock spring length is 231mm.

XR650R Titanium Rear Shock Spring


There might be more – but as far as I know Percision Concepts is the only manufacturer of a Titanium spring for the XR650R rear shock. They’ll run you about $250. They only sell one size, a 9.x weight that is proper for a rider about 200 pounds.

Honda XR650R Shock / Rear Suspension – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Shock and Rear Suspension.

Honda XR650R Forks or Front Suspension – Parts Fiche


Parts fiche for the Honda XR650R Forks or Front Suspension.

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