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XR650R Oversize Front Brake – EBC – QTM – Brake King


Upgrading the stock front rotor to an oversize unit is a great upgrade for the XR650R. It provides improved stopping power and improved feel at the lever. This upgrade is great in particular for bikes running street duty, or bikes that are carrying extra gear or *ahem* a heavy rider.

There are three options.

1.) EBC Oversize Front Brake Rotor Kit

Most popular is the EBC Oversize Front Rotor. These are 280mm rotors and can be purchased with the caliper mount for under $150.

Honda XR650R EBC Oversized Rotor

2.) QTM Oversize Front Brake Rotor Kit.

The QTM unit is 270mm and comes with powder coated caliper mount and rotor mount. They are around $150 if you can still find them.

3.) Brake King Oversize Front Brake Rotor Kit

The Brake King kit is also 270mm and  is about double the price of the other units, but very high quality. It comes with a light weight wavy rotor.

Upgrading the XR650R Seat


A comfortable saddle is important for covering some serious miles.

The stock XR650R seat is a bit thin and tough on the rear.

If you aren’t up to putting on your own foam and cover you have a few options.

SDG Seats makes a quality product with a tough black cover and can be purchased in a ‘tall’ version. The width is similar to that of the stock bike.

If you demand a high end quality seat Renazco will built you a custom unit. They’ll fit it to your specifications and even use your choice of materials and colors. I’ve never heard one bad thing about Renazco seats, only rave reviews.

Renazco example:

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